Friday Disco!

This video works anywhere in the world, but Norwegians, Swedes and Danes will probably enjoy it the most.
Check it:


Juan de Santa Anna

If I am not your biggest fan then i would like to challenge them who say they are. This video could bring peace to the world…pass it on! I would love to be your connection in the Missoula, Montana area if you should ever decide to visit and Fish and Play…. I practice shadow casting in my dreams…you guys rock!
thanks for posting all you do,
The Big with The Big Eye on The Big SkY

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Thanks for the feedback, Juan, we really appreciate it! I totally agree, nobody could go to war after having seen this video…
Actually, we will be coming to Montana to film in autumn 2013, probably from second half of September and into October. Playing some gigs and fly fishing. Let´s hook up then!


“sjørøver, og han vasser og jager siv-olje” (try Google translate it) is something else! In fact, the whole video is hillarious.


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