Freedom Jazz Dance

It’s been a long time since I posted to the JFF blog and the reason for that is that I needed to finish my school that is the Helsinki University of Technology. The process of making the thesis took me one whole year, and after finally returning the small black book I was a bit burn out. I even began to look a little bit like a mad scientist as you can see from the before/after pic. Fredrik finally pushed me to write something of what has been going on for past months after the unforgettable JFF tour.

The Thesis was about Ballistocardiographic measurement chair which is a device that measures hearts function by measuring reaction forces caused by the pumping of the heart according to Newton’s 3rd law. To say the same in more understandable way, I will cite my little sister who asked me few months ago: “Are you still working on the thing that measures your heart rate from your ass?” As the device measures the heart’s pumping force with sensors under a chair while subject is sitting on it, I have to say that it is kind of an accurate descritption of the device.

I was in Barcelona for a one week holiday and it really hit the spot! It was over 25°C many of the days and the seafood dishes really got me inspired. One of the days we went to beautiful Cadaqués, where we saw a lot of big fish just from the docks as you can see in the pic. And of course didn’t have any equipement to fish with. Some of the fish was estimated over 3kg’s and chasing the smaller 1 kg fish away! Needless to say I soon felt the urge to make a few casts even with spinning rod. We went to buy one from a local fihing store, but being in Spain, the store was of course having a siesta, so we had to helplessly wach those big fish in crystal clear water. When we finally got one it was already stormy weather, but me and Johanna did a few casts anyways, without luck…

Now that I’m free from any institutions for once in 21 years, I’ve been really enjoying stuff, such as preparing fish meals such as marinara soup, fried flatfish with lime-butter and prawns with garlic. I also moved to Copenhagen from Helsinki. Danish language seems at the moment impossible and im still trying to pronounce the name of the street where we live right. I was out socializing last nite with the jazz musicians from Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium and I was introduced to the danish tradition of snaps drinking. So I’m a bit tired, but I feel that tomorrow will be freedom jazz dance all over again.

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