Fly of the month: Angry Worm

Sorry that I’m writing about sea trout all the time! The thing is that I cant get them out of my head. Here we go again! In the middle of my war against the trout, the wind, waves, the sun and other tuff enemies, I have shaped a new, lethal weapon. It works very well, I have to say.

There are many different ways to tie worm-patterns. Until this one (not a new revolutionary pattern in any way), I never really had any success with any of them. Of course it might depend on other factors. Factors like fish in the water, fishing on the right spot and so on, but still, this one a killer! The secret weapon in the war against the trout!

Except from the fact that this is a very effective fly, it is long lasting, cheap and easy to cast. Make some and try, it would be fun to here about the result from other places than here!

Angry Worm

Hook: Streamer hook, size 6 to 12 (the smaller sizes works surprisingly well)

Tail: Soft hair from fox or rabbit fur

Thread: whatever I guess, I used fluorescent green.

Body: Bright and fine dubbing

Flash: Some fine angel hair mixed in the rabbit fur (before you put it in the loop).

Dubbing around the body: Fine fox or rabbit fur. Keep the thread tight when you make the outer layer, then the fly will last forever.

P.S Retrieve the line fast and it looks like a small fish, a little slower and you’ll have a leach or a worm. If you do snatch the tail of, it transforms to a very good gammarus pattern (the smaller sizes) /Fredrik


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Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Don´t be sorry, Fredzki!
Some nasty looking flies you´ve got there, I bet they´re really deadly.


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