Fish soup

Fish soup!

If you fish in areas that holds a lot of wild fish it doesn´t harm to every now and then keep one fellow. When that happens, this recipe can be a good choice! If you have a lot of energy you can bake twisted baguettes at the same time. If you have even more energy, you can (the day before) make you own aioli and serve with the soup. If you still have energy left, give Håvard a call!

I actually haven’t had the time to take any good pics when making the soup since I´m then in the middle of soup-making-action. Lets take it from the top. This is what you need:

Fish soup is a quite easy dish to cook. It doesn´t take to long time, it is not very expensive and it is very tasty. There is basically only one thing you must avoid in order to make it taste good. Most of you out there probably already know what I’m talking about. This is what I’m talking about… ok, here it comes; whatever you do, do not boil the fish. Some chefs claim that fish is not supposed to get warmer than 58 degrees…

There are thousands of recipes of different kinds of fish soups, this is just my version. You can of course add or remove ingredients and create your own favorite.

Recipe, 4 – 6 persons (Before you do anything else, turn on a nice record and prepare and chop the ingredients)

Step 1

Butter, about 20 gram

Olive oil, some oil

Heat up the fat in a large pan, lets say medium heat

Step 2

Red onion, a half

Onion, a half

About 100g Leek,

Two Celery Sticks, one chopped finely chopped and added early, the other one in bigger chunks and added at step 4

Chili, not too much

Garlic, 1 – 3 cloves

One Potato, chop it as you feel

Add the stuff above and let it sweat for a while, not get brownish… this takes about 5 – 10 minutes.

Step 3

Tomato, one

Tomato puree, two spoons

Let the tomatoes run around for about 5 minutes before you add the broth

Step 4

Broth (+ water), 15 dl If possible, make your own

White wine, 2 – 3 dl depending on what kind of whine, taste and see!

One Carrot, Chop it as you feel

One Fennel, roughly chopped

Shell from lemon, more than you think but not the whole fruit, taste and decide

White pepper, some

Thyme, some dried and if you have; some fresh thyme as garnish

Celery, the big rest of it

Bay leaf, two – four

Curry, very little curry, less than you think, the soup is not supposed to taste curry

Let this boil on medium/low heat for about 15 – 20 minutes. Meanwhile – taste and add salt if you need. Since the fish holds no salt, the soup can be a little tiny bit too salt before you add the fish.

Step 5

Mushrooms (champignon), If they are small, don’t cut them. If big – big chunks! Wait a couple of minutes…

Step 6

Fish, about 400 – 800 gram bone free filet, cut in quite big chunks. Perch, char, pike, salmon… or just cod, what you can get that’s not caught on the other side of the world

Lower the heat and add the fish, make sure it doesn’t boil!

Step 7

Add (if you have) fresh thyme ring the food bell! /F









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There is a lot of dräggel going on in my mouth now. This is the best soup that has ever passed through my body. Where do I find that type of shrimps?


Fredrik you bastard! you promised “step by step” for that pattern over half a year ago! now get to work!

Thank you 🙂

amos garrett

thanks Fredrik– I’ll send you a fish soup recipe called “chowder”– of French origin, later refined in Ireland and then New England– Amos

Fredrik Hamrå

Oh, I forgot about that shrimp pattern! I’m sorry! Will really try to make it happen soon. The main material is fox tail, search the roads while driving, you might find something there!

Chris Baird

I tried this tonight for my girlfriend, she is from burma. Surprisingly it tastes much like Tom Yum! Delicious, thank you for the recipe.


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