Fighting the robots

Some of you might have noticed that our site was down during a couple of days the last weeks. We were attacked by mean internet hacker robots, probably sent to us by our competitors at No hard feelings, we’ve survived the crash and are up and running again. However, please report if you experience stange behaviour or bugs on the site.

I got a mail about a problem with the confirmation page after a purchase from our shop. We’ll investigate that, but meanwhile you might be redirected to a blank page. However, this doesn’t affect the functionality of the shop, and the PayPal payments are working safe as always. So if you still don’t know what to give your mother-in-law for Christmas, take a look at our DVD och the album. We’ll be extra fast with shipping so you can hopefully get them before Christmas.

We have interesting stuff coming up next year, starting up with a filming/recording session in January. More about that later – time to go post some DVDs!

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