Fazioli Party

Yesterday I was at a very nice party. A recording studio in Gothenburg, Studio Epidemin, had a celebration for their new grand piano! The old Steinway has to make room for a beautiful, exclusive Fazioli from Italy. Oh my god what an instrument! Beautifully balanced, wonderful sound and dynamics I’ve hardly ever experienced! The studio was packed with Gothenburg’s pianists and musicians, taking turns in playing the beauty and sipping the champagne!

I’m very excited since I will be recording in that studio soon with the flute/saxophone player Anders Hagberg, and a few weeks later it is time for the Jazz and Fly Fishing/Tight Lines Quartet album recording in that same studio. I can’t wait!



What a bunch of nerds!
No, seriously, it´s really cool that the piano is excellent. That´s important for the quality of the recording. It´s also very good for the recording that you are excited about the piano, Joona!


I’m also excited about the fact that the studio has also an excellent Rhodes, a Wurlitzer, upright piano, Clavinet, harmonium, Hammond, synthesizers… But is THAT good for the recording?


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