Farewell to Keihärinkoski

We usually don’t post and link other than stuff in English, but after reading a fantastic Finnish blog post about Keihärinkoski rapids, I felt I just had to share it here. For you who still haven’t learn Finnish, I can tell that Keihärinkoski is a short river, more like rapids, that connects the lakes Kivijärvi and Keitele in Central Finland, pretty close to where I come from. I have very fond memories from there, and just like the author, Jukka Naaranlahti, I was in the period of learning fly fishing for real when I started fishing at Keihärinkoski.

The text is about the golden years at the end of 1990s and beginning of 2000, and how this incredible fishing Eldorado gradually has turned into mediocrity, finally having a real fall in the last few years. The clear water has turned brown, the fish that used to crowd the whole area now only stay by the mainstream, and the huge monsters that came from the lake by night now only remain in photos and memories.

Anyone who reads Finnish, do yourself a favor and klick on the link below and read the text. It puts shivers down my spine every time I read it. Really.

Kirkkaan veden ääni: Jäähyväiset Keihärinkoskelle (Author: Jukka Naaranlahti).


Joona / Jazz & Fly Fishing

The water quality has got a lot worse due to fertilization and farming. The lakes are also fished quite heavily and the trout population has suffered. There must be several reasons that I only can guess, but it certainly takes less time to destroy a water than bringing it back.


An enthusiastic hello from America! An impossible combination of ephemeral delights–jazz and the fly. I’ve been enjoying your adventures and your hilariously oblique attitudes for a year or two now, so a heartfelt salute to you.


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