Falling down on the ground

Pontza Luvainen and Jenna Tervo

I have had two very busy weeks, packed with teaching, gigs and rehearsals, fly tying, grass fishing and a lot of other strange activities. Yesterday we were finally allowed to go for the sea trout again. After this long and boring winter. While Tapani is spending his time color-correcting our documentary and Håvard is sewing his own clothes in order to survive the arctic winter, a friend, Joona and I were catching trout. All together we got 16 trout.

We didn’t stop to fish until we fell down to the ground. Too much sun and coffee, no fresh water and freezing cold weather simply makes you want to fall to the ground. Later, in the evening, when I arrived to the apartment, I realized my keys were gone. Many keys. All the important ones. Today I went back to the spot, this time without the rod, about 35 km south of the city. Where are the keys, please, let me find the keys. It was my father who found them, lying on the ground between two cars. Lucky, you might think. I might agree. Too bad I didn’t bring the fishing gear!

Unfortunately, I have no pics from yesterday since I´m not in a “picture-taking-mood” on the first of April. The brain told me “take pictures, take pictures”, but the heart only wanted to fish. Joona is a more disciplined man and I´m pretty sure he has a lot of nice pics from yesterday, his camera was clicking the whole day. Maybe he doesn’t have a heart. It might be replaced with something. A bottle of vodka perhaps? That explains a lot. I realize I´m very tired. I will dream about sea trout, waves and what a mix of Joona and our producer would look like. Zzzzzzzz /F



Bogdan Thorasz

I really like Joona’s new hair, or his new face. I’m still (since the 1st of April) suffering from dehydration/coffeeoverload and I think my arms and neck are losing it’s mating to my body. However, it was a good day (referring to ice cube’s classic rap).


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