Excellent Review in Jazznytt


Here´s an excellent review of Season One from the latest issue of Norwegian jazz magazine Jazznytt:

For those of you who aren´t fortunate enough to be able to read Norwegian, I can decipher a couple of lines:

“Spending a long time on the road will do something to a jazz band, and the group became tight and intuitively interactive during the tour. The jazz audience can be glad they decided to keep the project going. Trout, arctic char and grayling are probably less enthusiastic”.

“The DVDs contain fantastic nature scenes, beautiful trout, cunning fly fishing strategies, heavy backpacks, and philosophical ponderings on existential questions like: Where do you sleep when the sun shines 24/7, the tent is boiling hot, and the air is thick with mosquitos?”

Petter Petterson / Jazznytt

I believe there are still a very limited number of DVDs left, so now you know what to get your aunt and uncle for christmas!

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