Delay (and 5 shots)

We´re terribly sorry, but – surprise – the release of Season One on DVD is delayed…
Our best estimate as of tonight is three or four weeks from now. We´ll get back to you with the exact release date very soon.

The whole thing is done
(and we´re pretty excited about how it turned out, too), but the design, mastering and print is taking a little longer than expected. All we can do now is wait.

In the meantime, here are some pics from one of last year´s J&FF expeditions. On this trip, we went deep into the mountains above the arctic circle, hunting for big arctic char. The hike was very long and steep, it was cold and wet, and the fishing was generally very difficult. But we had some moments of luck as well, and ended up catching a few really good ones (on film, too). All photos by J&FF friend Arne Mobakken.


PS! The whole dirty story of this expedition (and many other dirty stories) will be revealed in our ongoing film project Season 2. Release: March 2013.
More pictures from this trip may appear here on the blog at any given moment.



Great stuff guys! Should be out just in time for Alice’s birthday, it will make a great present I think she will be well pleased, she a massive fan!! 😀


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