Days of creative action

Wow – the three days we just spent recording were spectacular. We met in Gothenburg to record music for our fishing videos. We had had some mail correspondance where we decided what to play. No sheets – just moods: minimalistic stuff, drum grooves, bass grooves, dum and bass grooves, free jazz, old school jazz, lapland stuff, african stuff and so on.

We met in the studio and after all the gear was set up and ready we started playing. What we really had was a ton of different instruments, a weekend, and unlimited possibilities to just create music. In addition to the usual piano, bass, guitar and drums, we also had different percussion, ethnic flutes, string instruments, synthesizers, effects and toy instruments to get loose on. Fredrik was very impressive with the trumpet, and HÃ¥vard has some monster chops on the Indian flute.

We just kept the tape rolling and played whatever came in mind. Now we have something between 100 and 150 takes of music, and after a short listening a we were really thrilled – a lot of the stuff sounds pretty damn good! Probably some of it will end up on our album, too.

More from the session coming up soon!

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