Color coding

Maybe the biggest problem on our tours is the amount of gear. Four guys + the producer carry a hell lot of gear. It would be enough with just the fishing equipment, but add the music stuff and the film gear. Rods, reels, lines, cables, power adapters, vests, clothes, computers, fly boxes, floatants, pliers, waders, guitars, music sheets, cameras, tripods, sunglasses, deodorants… in one car!

Here’s the solution to all trouble with all JFF gear: Color coding. I bought 416 colored dots for each and every one of us. We can mark everything with our own favorite colors. We must! I will make you to!!!! Since I am the mother of all dots I hereby choose red. Everything marked with red is mine. Hands off!




Great, Joona! You are the mother of all dots!
This will solve all our problems (well some of them, anyway).
I´ll take blue, please.



… tying stuff for Neiden. And hope that the Savotta 50 works fine 4 ya.

Regarads from Lahti 🙂

… harmi ko kerkee ees Poriin tänä kesänä 🙂


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