China, Baby!

The last week, I´ve been touring in China with my own band, the Håvard Stubø Quartet.

On this tour, we´re travelling as a trio, with Steinar Nickelsen on the Hammond B3 sitting in for Torbjörn Zetterberg, the band´s regular bass player.
It´s been a really intense experience – China is totally overwhelming – and I´ll write some more about it when I get home in a few days.

Here are some pictures from the tour:



Cool, i’ll try to come to see your performance in Nordica Kunming, but my own band (blues-rock) is playing in the hump bar around 10:30… if u wanna get a drink in a lively place after ur show. cheers!


You guys do play around! I suppose you didn´t have a change to fish? They say in China the trouts are biiiig!
Could you do me a favor? You list almost all the fish you play with, could you also list all the bands you play in? Just for fun.


hi, my frinds. i am so glad to know that you have had a trip in China, and so surprise that that young lady beside you must come from the same race with me because of her wearring. i am a flyfishman too. i often come to your websit, i like it and all of you.


I heard you guys played in my city Wuhan,China too,and in my university (Huazhong University of Science and Technology).Hehe, it was a pity I did get chance to be there and enjoying your performence. Has been a fan to your flyfishing clips this year.:)

Hope to hear more from your experience in China later.

–A chinese flyfisherman living in Oslo


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