Casting in the park

Last week the snow almost melted away. Spring is slowly coming, just a few more weeks and it will be green everywhere. A couple of days ago I went up to a park close to where I live. I brought a #5 rod and an old yellow DT-line. Thought it would be a good idea to get in shape after the long winter. Since this happened during a weekday, I expected no one to be there. I was wrong.

When I was setting up rod, line and so on, people started to invade the area. Not because I was there of course, this was just regular;  runners, bikers, old people, dogs and… children. Small children, a whole bunch of them. I tried to act natural and invisible. This is my area, I tried to think. You guys stay close to the path. Keep your dogs close to you and far away from me. Children – stay where you are and be quiet, please…

When I made the first cast, 20 small happy faces turned in my direction. When the line cut through the air the second time, all of the children ran towards me. A lot of questions attacked me, here are some of them:

Who are you?

Why do you have beard?

Do you like beard?

Do you catch any fish?

Are you alone?

I tried to answer the kids and at the same time keep focus on the fly and the fly line. Do not let them take the line. Just in case one of them would try to grab the fly, I mended the line a couple of meters away from them. Big mistake. Something that moves. Fun. Lets catch it. All of the children started to hunt the fly (actually it was just a small piece of yarn). Their teacher could not be seen anywhere. I don´t like to scream and it looked quite fun. They ran very fast and right before the fastest of them reached the line, I moved it. They ran after, laughing and stumbling. It actually looked like a giant school of fish! They were biting on everything. I was fishing again. Finally! Fishing for children, hm… that came out totally wrong. Anyway, It all lasted for a couple of minutes. Then the teacher came and started to scream. “Leave the guy alone, he is fishing”. I started to cast again.

A couple of minutes later an old guy was moving towards me. He looked friendly but you never know. He went a little bit too close before he opened his mouth.”Are you using a 0.15 leader” he said. “Ah, no this is 0.30, fishing on grass you know… ”

During one hour a lot of people talked to me. It became a nice beginning of the season. Next time I´ll bring the net. /F





Funny reading. I suppose you’re not in the “getting children” mode. I have two of my own and they’re great to go fishing with, but when they come in shoals…. not so funny. Where’s the trawlers when you need them?
And a tip, when there’s children around, use barb-less, parents can be soooo fussy about their young ones.

Petter Pettersson

You know there’s a nice little waltz tune composed by John Lewis, “Skating in Central Park”. How about “Fishing in Central (or whatever park you’d like) Park” on your next gig?


I hate when i am out practising and someone asks: do you catch anything? he he…. No i am not!!


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