Be a Hero – GoPro underwater

Do you remember a few years ago when the GoPro HD hero action camera was announced? From being a small camera brand used mainly in action sports photography, this little camera quickly found its way to filming everything from skydiving to saving the Chilean miners in 2010.

The GoPro HDHERO2 was released at the end of last year, with even better specs. One major issue that was lacking from the original HD Hero is still lacking from this one: it doesn’t shoot sharp images under water. That makes it basically unusable for filming underwater shots, fishing for instance.

Some 3rd party manufacturers make special housings that solve the problem. I thought it should be possible to solve the problem without sending money overseas and waiting for delivery for weeks, and did a GoPro underwater focus fix myself.

The instructions were released on this blog and a crappy video with before-and-after-shots started spreading on the internet. Lately we’ve come across several blogs that mention our fix, and I even found a very good instructional how-to video on Youtube with a guy making exactly the same modification as I did a year earlier! That’s internet for you!

So I thought I’d share a nice fishing video with the J&FF focus fix, and the instruction video of how to make it at home! It should work on the new model too (but I haven’t tried).

Thanks to Steve Hoovler for the fishing video and LosinInIdaho for the instructional film!

2011, Under Water from Steve Hoovler on Vimeo.

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