Autumn, Pop Music and Fly fishing

Maybe you red my last blog a while ago (alone in the wilderness). If you think that it is totally made up, you’re wrong. I actually spend almost a week on my own in the wilderness. The problem is that I didn’t catch anything to brag about. The biggest fish – an arctic char, didn’t weight more than 500 gram. Maximum 500 gram. What choice did I have? I had to create a story. Perhaps it was a little bit.. too much.

Anyway, what is happening right now? Well, a lot of things are happening with JFF but most of it is not official yet. I know that Tapani and Håvard are working with mountains of video clips and that Joona and I have our as—s full of similar tasks. The JFF-machine is moving forward towards exiting places and goals.

At the same time, the every-day-life is moving on. I have been working my ass of the last month and it seems like I cant rest until christmas. On the other hand I’m working with interesting things it is is usually fun most of the time. An ordinary week for me right now looks like this:

Monday: Breakfast at 8:00, running in the forrest, check the mail and pay bills, lunch, composing, practicing, rehearse, dinner, sleep at 23:00

Tuesday: Breakfast at 7:00, teach, practice, jam, dinner, sleep at 24:00

Wednesday: Breakfast at 9:00, run in the forrest, tie some flies, compose, practice, teach, jam, dinner, sleep at 23:00

Thursday: Breakfast at 7:00, teach, practice, rehearse, dinner, sleep at 23:00

Friday: Breakfast at 9:00, run in the forrest, Jam, lunch, compose, practice, rehearse, gig, sleep the day after.

Saturday: Breakfast at 12:00, fish until it gets dark, gig, sleep at..

Sunday: Breakfast at 10:00, run around the forrest, practice, tie some flies, rehearse, gig, sleep at 23:00..

.. And so the wheel is spinning. During the summer the schedule looks completely different. Then it is more like this:

Fish, fish, fish, gig, fish, jam, fish, dinner, and so on. But now it is autumn and autumn is similar with work when it comes to me. And believe me, it takes a lot of time and planning being a musician. But – it is worth it!

I’m right now working on my very first album. Of course I’ve been playing drums on several albums and records before, but this time it is only my original tunes and it is not jazz, believe it or not. It is a pop album. Would love to hear some response from you guys when you get the chance to listen to the first mix. It will take a couple of month since I will try to play all the instruments my self. It will be pretty exiting and scary!

On friday I will give the fat sea trout a last visit this season. After that I have to wait until april. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. Or, I mean, do not wish me luck!

All the best/ Fredrik

One last cast..



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Hey guys. The wife and I spent a Saturday with Eric’s Mom & Dad and I understand he’s getting married. I don’t know how often you see each other, but I thought I’d pass that along. Don’t have any more details except Mom & Dad say she’s a wonderful girl.



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