Article in Fluefiske 2011

The Norwegian magazine Fluefiske 2011 comes out once a year. It´s a real high quality publication, with interesting articles written by interesting people.

This year, there´s an article written by none other than J&FF´s Fredrik Hamrå! Now that´s interesting!

For those of you who aren´t able to read Norwegian, there are two alternatives:

1. Learn how to read Norwegian. It´s easy. It´ll only take a couple of years. And since Norwegian is very similar to Danish and Swedish (like dialects, really), and also somewhat similar to for example Icelandic, German and Dutch, it´s a real bargain. Plus you´ll be able to read Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun in the original language. Not bad, ehh?

2. Enjoy the pictures and try to guess what the text means. Perhaps even more fun, and definitely a quicker solution than alternative 1.

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