Alone in the wilderness, day one

This summer I had a very strong need of having “some privacy”. With privacy I mean fly fishing of course, but also time on my own. Since I wasn’t able to join the other guys on their long expedition earlier this summer, I made a solo trip. Here is a short version of the six days I spent in the mountains, somewhere in the northern parts of Sweden and Norway.

Day 1

09:00 Left Gothenburg in the morning and spent countless hours on train and bus.

20:00 In the evening I finally reached the last outpost – a restaurant in the mountains and basically the last building before nature takes over. My plan was simple. I was supposed to walk 18 km in the darkness, carrying 32 kg on my back. Because of the heavy hike, I decided to eat very much food and drink a beer before I was supposed to start to hike. I did. Could hardly move my self after the heavy dinner – a tapas buffet. That plus two pints of beer..

22:00 Stayed a little to long at the dinner table I guess, it was almost dark when I started to walk. Then what happened? The rain came. Heavy rain. After three kilometers I realized that it wasn’t too smart to try to walk during the night, outside the hiking trail, when I couldn’t see anything.

23:00 Suddenly, while I was walking along a small lake, a very old and half destroyed boat house popped up from nowhere. Without really thinking, I went inside the house (there was no door). The only minus right then was that the roof was leaking on several places. The plus was that only the left side of the roof was broken, the right side was solid and intact. The floor was actually only the ground; sand, a couple of big stones, some logs and an old boat. I built a bed, about half a meter high, of stones and logs and put the sleeping bag on top of the beautiful bed. Then I crawled down. It was not very easy since the bed was very wobbly, but after a while I found the sweet spot where I could relax. It was actually quite cosy and I fell asleep immediately.

Day 2 (cliffhanger.. )

07:00 Woke up when I fell down from the bed. My head landed on one of the stones. Tried to laugh but it wasn’t too easy. Something felt wrong. Something.. A creature was moving around close to me. Outside the boat house I suddenly found myself staring at a.. to be continued.. /Fredrik

The rain came



What a cliffhanger, dude. I hope the creature didn’t turn out to be your brain, walking out of your skull. On a completely, but somehow related matter: time for a boat trip soon, I’ll telegraph you. Maybe smoke signals.

Fredrik / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Joel, Scott, Amelia.. it is so exiting so I get scared when I think about it:)

Tapani / Jazz & Fly Fishing

… fishing licence inspector.
… moose and a bear.
… Chuck Norris.
… a Sami guy with a cup of coffee. (owner of the house)


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