Alone in the wilderness, day 2

Day 2 (cliffhanger.. )

07:00 Woke up when I fell down from the bed. My head landed on one of the stones. Tried to laugh but it wasn’t too easy. Something felt wrong. Something.. A creature was moving around close to me. Outside the boat house I suddenly found myself staring at a.. to be continued..

.. little bird! It was a very cute little bird and it made me feel good. Man I got scared! Puh! At first I thought it was a bear. With a heart rate around 190 after falling down from the spartan bed, I started to calm down. Todays schedule was about like this; walk 15 km across a landscape full of rocks, put up the tent, fish, sleep.

07:30 I brushed my teeth (too bad, the mosquitos didn’t come near me before that) and packed down the parts of the equipment that I unpacked the night before. It was actually only the whisky bottle so it didn’t take long. Then I started to hike. After a few kilometers I realized that I didn’t have my water bottle. Checked all the pockets in the back pack but it was just gone. Too bad. For a while I considered whisky instead of water, very tempting actually, but it’s boring to be drunk without friends. Anyway, water was not hard to find, springs and small creeks were crawling across the barren landscape after the last weeks of massive rain. Started to walk again.

10:00 I felt weightless. The brain was switched off and the legs were working in a way I’ve never seen before. And the sun.. the sun was everywhere. A word came to my mind. Dehydration. My right hand searched for the water bottle until I remembered it was gone. Dehydration. I continued to walk. The head started to hang a little bit. Some dark clouds came drifting and blocked the sun. My back pack felt heavier and heavier.

11:00 Finally! A river! A river? The lady at the hotel never mentioned any river when I asked her about the map and my planned route. Let’s take care of that problem after some water. I basically fell down to the ground, dropped the back pack and slid down to the water’s edge. After a couple of liters of the cold water I stopped drinking and rested on the ground for a while. My energy came back. Then I looked out over the river. “I shall cross it” I said to my self and started to look for a good place to cross the water. I walked along the river upstream for a while. I have to say it didn’t look too good. Just when I was about to turn and walk downstream again, something hard hit me in the side. I froze to ice when I realized that I.. to be continued..




Lars Hamrå

Might be you found the best method to avoid the mosquitos, not to brush your teeth. Unfortunately it doesn’t help me because I don’t have your teeth. /Dad

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Another cliffhanger! Now you´re just being mean.
What hit you? Tell us!


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