About touring and being sick


I´ve been touring with several bands the last month, and had lots of fun. First I did a nice tour with a new band called Somethin´ Else. I went on to play a couple of gigs and record a new album in Stockholm with Jupiter & Jonas Kullhammar, and the recording went really well. I guess the record will come out next year some time. It was a lot of fun to get back with that group, because we´ve been touring a lot and released three albums, so it´s a pretty tight combo.

I´ve also been touring in Norway with the Håvard Stubø Quartet, and the music was really developing as we went along. Exhausting but fun – I guess that pretty much sums up the last month for me. On top of everything, there was at least one person sick with the god damn swine flu in every band all the time. For some reason, I didn´t catch the swine flu, but I managed to catch a nasty, longlasting case of diarrhea instead. Very practical when you´re touring…

The TLQ is working on next year´s plans – we´ve set dates for rehearsals and for recording of our debut full-length album. Actually, we´ll soon meet in Gothenburg to rehearse, and that´s going to be lots of fun, since I haven´t seen the guys since the summer tour ended! We´re also planning tour dates and fishing for next season. We´ll keep you guys posted!

This time, I might just take the guys to some of my really secret places… In return, Joona might show the rest of the band some of his insane curve casts, Fredrik might share some of his incredible seatrout skills, and Tapani might let us in on the deeper secrets of the Super Tinseli. Let´s see.

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