As the merciless Scandinavian winter slowly moves towards spring, my urge to go fishing is getting stronger by the minute, and I´m scanning the fly fishing forums day and night, googling all over the place for some kind of satisfaction. All this does is of course to make the urge even stronger. I´m getting pretty desperate, and I really don´t know what to do about it.

The weather outside my window here in Oslo is very pretty, with clear blue skies and no wind. The only problem is that the temperature is around -10 C… The meteorologists say that the sea ice hasn´t been this thick and widespread since 1987, so there is no chance for any saltwater seatrout fishing either. You can almost walk between Norway and Denmark. Seriously!

Well – I guess all we can do is wait. While we wait, I have a couple of links for you (all in Norwegian, I´m afraid, but still worth checking out, if only for the pics and vids): A brand new Norwegian blog about fly fishing by two guys from Tromsø and Harstad. Mostly about trout and salmon fishing up north. This site has a very active forum. The fly tying and entomology stuff there is outstanding. Excellent fly fishing site which is updated frequently with news and articles. The forum is also very good.

And then a couple of pics just to put some more napalm on the fire:

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