We´re  working hard on the plans for 2010/2011 at the moment.

Jazzwise, we have several interesting projects going on. Firstly, the recording of our first full-length album is coming up pretty soon. We´ve changed the reportoire a bit, and added some strong, new tunes by Fred and J-man. We´re also planning some tours at the moment – more on that later.

Fishingwise, we´re planning a trip to the spectacular lower Ransarån in early June. This river has some of the best road-near sightfishing for arctic char and brown trout in Scandinavia, and being a tailwater, the fishing starts early for a Lapland water, sometimes as early as late March (probably not this year, though – it´s been too damn cold).  We´re also planning a return to the beautiful Finnish koskis in June, and I´m really looking forward to that one – the style of fishing there is different from anything I´ve tried before: fast pocket-waters with surprisingly big trout – fishing with tiny dries in the middle of the night.  We´re also planning a serious wilderness trip somewhere above the arctic circle this summer. Only problem is that there are so many exciting waters to visit, and so little time… Life is definitely too short – and the sub-arctic summers are definitely way too short!

I´ve also joined a gym recently. Twice a week, you´ll find me sweating my ass off in a crammed, smelly bunker – and paying good money for it, too! The civilized world is a strange place…

Anyway – 2010 and 2011 is gonna be exciting, and we´ll keep you guys posted!

Catch you later –


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