I just finnished my brittish-influenced breakfest. Eggs, bacon… A bit too much coffe on top of that makes my hands a bit shaky. It is very cold now, around minus 15 (celsius) and the ice is thick on all the lakes around Gothenburg. Even the ocean is covered by a white lid in big areas. Today I´m going for a short ice fishing trip! Or maybe some skiing, lets see! It is actually the coldest winter (so far) since 1987 and I guess the we all, for a while, can pretend like the climate problems doesn’t really exist. But unfortunately they do! Enough of that right now (but lets do something about it!)

But now, today, this minute, it is time to check out our summary of the year 2009 and what really happend. Highlights and “not highlights” are mixed in an almost chronological order. Take a look and enjoy! Feel free to vote for the best photo in this photo-summary, the picture that in some way appeals to you. Lets make the year 2010 the best year so far! Happy 2010!

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