2 Fast 2 Furious

A huge storm was coming in from the North Atlantic, giving me just a few minutes to fish the calm before the storm.
Driven to a frenzy by the river´s feasting trout and further aggrevated by the sound of some guy drilling a hole for a flag pole outside his summer cottage, I experienced some severe strike problems. Somehow, I managed to cool down just before the storm hit the river and made fishing and filming impossible.


Toby The Train

Finally a new video! I can’t wait for your flyfishing season to start for real, so that we get to see many new videos. This is great!
btw: I missed 3 nice trouts yesterday as well, Håvard! It’s not easy the first trip of the season…

Hoby The Hobbit

You were lucky to get that fish after so many mistakes… But farm fishes are not known for being smart.. I like your videos though.

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Hoby: There are no farmed fish there – they are all 100 % wild. There are no put-and-take fisheries in Northern Norway, since there is plenty of wild fish to go around;)
And, it wasn´t the same fish that took the fly. There were at least five different fish feeding in a very small area because of an intense, local hatch of mayflies and feathermidge.
You´re right about one thing, though: I was lucky!

Another video coming soon!

Best –

Hoby The Hobbit

Sorry but I belive that fish is farmed. Or the stream is EXTREMELY productive for food for the fish. Such a fat fish with so small pectoral fins after a heavy arctic winter…. well I dont know, It looks farmed to me but I could as well be wrong.

Thanks for sharing the videos though!
Wish you the best.

Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

I´m sorry, Hoby. Still no farming;)
They have plenty of food there (even under the ice). Freshwater shrimp (Gammarus), lots of midge larvae, huge amounts of mayfly nymphs, cased caddis, etc etc.
And I guess many of the fish dwell in the nearby lakes (there are several in the watersystem) during winter – that´s also part of the explanation.

Glad to hear that you enjoy our videos!


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