Two good things


I´d like to present two of my favourite products at the moment. One is a fishing fly, and the other is a record:


This superfly is made by Ismo Hyvärinen, an expert fly fisherman based in Kiruna. It is made of balsa wood, epoxy glue and plastic, and it imitates a swimming Caddis pupa – an easy prey for a hungry trout, arctic char or grayling. During this summer´s tour, the Ismopuppa again proved its deadliness on numerous occations. The caddis-feeding fish simply cannot resist this excellent imitation! And, best of all, due to the high build quality and the durable materials, you can take hundreds of fish without ruining the fly. You can only order it from Ismo Hyvärinen himself – it is pretty expensive, but well worth the money! (NB! Beware of the fake Ismopuppas that you can find on the the market – they´re not as good as the real McCoy)

Oddjob Sumo

This record came out last year, and I´ve listended to it a lot, especially when driving – it´s a fantastic album for those long drives. Strong playing, excellent songwriting, and a fat vintage sound – what more could you ask for? Highly recommended! Click here for some free sounds from Oddjob.

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I’m a great fan of watching your videos.
can you please send me a Foto of ismo and ismopuppan?
Kind regards and tight lines from Markus from germany


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