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After a hectic week in Gothenburg I discovered that I had one day off. That day is tomorrow. The last week I’ve been playing as a maniac and hardly fished at all. Meanwhile, a friend has sent me a couple of pictures from his fishing sessions. The first photo came five days ago. While I was working, I received an mms. The photo showed a huge sea trout, between 4 and 5 kg. The day after same thing happened, this time three different shots on three different sea trout, weight between 2.5 and 3.5 kg. Yesterday it happened again, this time between 3 and 4 k!! The last picture was on the ugly fly he had been fishing with all the time. A fat little shrimp with rubber-legs. Tied some similar flies yesterday evening.


This friend, Per Oskar Nilsson, by the way an excellent guitar player, lives in Malmö in southern Sweden. I am, this moment, 21.18 in the evening, sitting on a buss with my computer in front of me. Guess where I’m going… to Malmö.

Tomorrow we’ll fish on the same spot where he caught the silver colored monsters earlier this week. Probably I won’t catch. It is to late. The weather will turn crap. I will get sick. Loose my glasses or break the rod. Maybe loose a rod and break my glasses instead. The car will probably smash also. It is always like that. Maybe not exactly like that but you get what I mean!? BUT… there is a chance! The fishing might be extremely good. For the first time of my life, I have no expectations. Lets see what happens! I will post a blog on the way up to Gothenburg on saturday. If I’ll loose my glasses, I can always ask someone on the bus to write a short blog. Talk to you later/wir sehen uns später/увидимся позже/à plus tard/回头见/te post/hasta luego! /Fredrik


Håvard / Jazz & Fly Fishing

Good stuff!
Can´t wait for the update. Skitt fiske!


The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you have to go fishing with the right attitude. Not: I hope I catch a fish, but: The fish are there and it better get on my hook. Positive attitude. Positive, positive. Good luck.



PMA (Positive mental attitude) Just listen to the Bad Brains all day and something good will come.


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