Friday Jazz: Goran Kajfes "Sand Boogie"

So far, J&FF´s Friday Jazz has presented music from the 50s, 60s and 70s, so I guess it´s about time we give you some contemporary sounds.

In 2010, the brilliant Swedish trumpeter/composer Goran Kajfes released a great album called X/Y. The opening track, called Sand Boogie, is a real knockout: it has one of the hippest grooves I ever heard, the tune is super catchy yet original, and the sound is incredible.

Goran´s band, a Swedish all-star line-up called Subtropic Arkestra, plays great throughout the album, and they´re also a really happening live band, as the second video shows. Despite crappy audio and some drunken filming, the video is highly enjoyable.

Here´s the awesome album version (the video, presumably made by the kind individual who put the song on YouTube, leaves something to be desired, though;):

And here´s the live video:


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Vegard Veberg

Oh yes indeed! Gorans album X/Y is awesome as well, although those who hope for an album full of sand boogies might be in for a surprise 🙂


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