Coming soon: Jason Borger´s take on the J&FF Shadow Cast!

As we all know, the internet is a fantastic way of getting in touch with people all over the world. Even your heroes are suddenly within reach.

Last monday, we got this comment about our new J&FF Shadow Cast from someone called JB, saying that the “beauty of it brings tears to my eyes”. Since our new, improved Shadow Cast has recieved so much criticism and sarcasm, we didn´t think much about this until Joona pointed out that the mystical JB might actually be none other than Jason Borger himself. Sceptical, Tapani checked out Jason Borger´s own site to see if he could find something about our new Shadow Cast there. Imagine Tapani “Spielberg” Toivanen´s surprise when he found the new J&FF Shadow Cast-video in a post!

Well, since there is a possibility that some of you might not know who Jason Borger is, we can tell you that he is the guy who performed the original Shadow Cast, as seen in the movie “A River Runs Through It”, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Robert Redford. Furthermore, he co-runs the Fly Casting Institute, is the author of the book Nature of Fly Casting, and has written countless articles on fly casting and flyfishing. In short: one of the few international fly fishing legends, and, incidentally, one of our all-time heroes.

Anyway, Tapani waisted no time and contacted Jason, who agreed to do a special blog as a guestwriter here at the J&FF blog. In his posting, which will be published soon, he will share an analysis of the newly developed J&FF Shadow Cast with the readers of the J&FF blog.

It is with great pride that we present our first ever guest writer: Jason Borger.

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Toby The Train

I’m in awe! Can’t wait for JB to sign on to the Jazz Train… A river runs through it is legendary! That goes for J&FF and JB as well…

By the Way: Sorry for laughing at your previous post! I now see the beauty!


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