Aaaaahh, finally it’s christmas again. Do I like it? Do you like it? Well, both yes and no I guess. I feel that this religious day gets a little bit more hectic every year. This year, the very christmas eve 2009, I decided to skip the family, girlfriend and so on – instead me and David (a perch freak) planned to go 1000 kilometers north with lots of lemonade (!) and food. It sounded like a brilliant idea a couple of months ago. Nothing could go wrong! Yesterday my friend told me that he couldn’t make it anymore. There were some different reasons. Now we are going to my mothers house (she is not at home), 20 kilometers outside the town. Exiting? Very. While the family, my girlfriend and all the other people I know are having a great time, two idiots will go to a lonely house close to Gothenburg. Exiting? Very. Of course, it could have been worse, we are still alive and so on. One big issue though – the ice is here. We can’t fish. Not with our dear fly rods anyway. Maybe the next blog will have the name “ice fishing”. Lets see about that! But we can and will listen to nice music! No christmas tunes allowed, only music!

Last week we had some cosy evenings doing the traditional christmas stuff. For example me, Ingrid (Idas friend) and Ida made a very sweet gingerbread house. Perhaps we overdid it a bit…

By the way, our rehearsal weekend was super nice. The obvious highlight was our late meeting when we decided how to work with the band next year. Håvard was on fire and Joonas bottle with spiced wine was empty. Nice things will happen 2010! Will tell you more about that and our weekend in Gothenburg in a couple of days. But now, to all of you from all of us (?) – I/ we wish you a merry christmas and a chilly time. Håvard, Joona and Tapani do the same. I Can here their voices in my head, slowly whispering (in a unison scary choir) : MERRY CHRISTMAS   M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S    M  E  R  R  Y      C  R  I   S   T   M…

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