Things happening – mostly Jazz and Fly Fishing

As you may have noticed, we added a Gallery tab to the JFF site. It’s still a bit under construction but there are already over 250 pictures covering last summer’s experiences! We’re also making the site more communicative to visitors and networkers.

These improvements will be just a small step on a way to total Jazz and Fly Fishing world domination. In a couple of weeks we’ll be recording an album in one of Sweden’s finest studios and we already scheduled most of summer for some prime fishing trips; This summer we’re going to fish in some of the most exotic remote locations where no jazz band has ever fished before.

Reading Håvards last post about fishing wild arctic char at Ransarån got me really thinking about fishing, summer and good times. Here’s some feelings from finnish midsummer from two years back:

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Great work with the gallery, man! It´s much more fun to look at pics like that.
PS! I´m working with the categorizing.


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